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Master the tricky pattern of the pantoum. Keep your focus on the poem and the meaning while the program correctly arranges the lines for you.​

  • Co-Director, National Writing Project at Kent State University
  • ​Power of the Pen's "KERNELS OF WISDOM" KEYNOTE SPEAKER - "Growing writers" [2020]
  • 2015 Frost Place Conference on Poetry & Teaching, Teaching Fellow
  • M.Ed., Curriculum & Instruction (Literacy)
  • English & Comprehensive Communications Teaching LIcense [7-12]
  • GooGle Educator Level 1 & 2
  • ​National Writing Project Teacher Leader
  • Experienced English & Communications Teacher:

Examine poems at the word or line level. Use the sort features to group for tone or other repeating characteristics.

  • Acting
  • AP Seminar (Capstone Year 1)
  • AP Research (Capstone Year 2)
  • Creative Writing (Intro & Adv)
  • English 9, 10, 11
  • Journalism
  • Media Communication

Create your own acrostic poem. Save as a .pdf or copy/paste into your favorite word processing program.

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English Language Arts Education

Write a villanelle. Enter a line and your final word will appear in lines where that end-rhyme must also appear. 

Poetry Apps are designed to work in Google Chrome. 

About Me

Jean is a high school English and communications teacher with experience in both public and private schools. She is a National Writing Project Teacher Leader and a member of TC Council at the NWP site at Kent State University where she has organized and presented at the annual NWP Teaching Conference Write Here! Write Now! In 2015, Jean was named the Teaching Fellow for The Frost Place Conference on Poetry & Teaching held at the former home of Robert Frost in Franconia, NH. She was Co-Director of Illuminate - the student film experience organized by the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival from 2018-2023. She recently accepted the role of Co-Director of National Writing Project at Kent State University. 

Research to Support Poetry Instruction

The link above will take you to a LiveBinder filled with both scholarly and popular support for poetry in the classroom. From brain research to writing results, the binder contains 35+ articles and grows every year.

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